Driveways Wirral

Driveways Wirral

The decision to invest in a new driveway isn’t a choice which is made overnight. Some homeowners believe it isn’t worthwhile because, to them, the drive is just somewhere for the car to sit. That said, more and more people are choosing to invest, so why might that be? By overhauling your driveway, you can quickly boost the value of your property whilst also improving on its kerb appeal.

People are choosing to lay a new driveway to:

Make an excellent first impression

When approaching a property for the first time, the first thing you will see is the driveway. If you’re selling a house and the driveway isn’t up to standard, it’s easy for potential buyers to assume that the lack of care extends to the inside of the house as well. People don’t reserve the need to change the driveway just for the sake of selling their home; they also do it to make their property more attractive. When there are so many colours, sizes and textures of paving to choose from, it’s not difficult to make a more appealing driveway.

Create more space for parking

A driveway isn’t there just to look nice; it offers a practical space to use as off-road parking, helping to reduce your insurance premium. Clean and Green Gardening on the Wirral will work closely with you to design and lay a driveway for you which maximises the available space.

Boost the value of a property

Many people choose to lay a new driveway prior to selling their home in order to increase the value of the house. Moving house is a lengthy, stressful process and, once the buyers have moved in, they want to have to do as little as possible and would much rather have a home which is ready to move into. A professionally-laid driveway will certainly tip the odds in your favour for a quick sale. An attractive driveway can increase an asking price by between 5% and 10%.

Save time

A driveway which requires frequent weeding and maintenance is a turn-off for a great many homeowners. New styles and designs are continually surfacing which require far less maintenance. Whatever your preference may be, the team at Clean and Green Gardening specialise in the creation of beautiful driveways for clients across the Wirral. If you would like to discuss your own requirements, you are more than welcome to get in touch.

30 years' trade experience

With more than 30 years' trade experience, we are able to offer a comprehensive garden service. Take a look at our gallery to see examples of our previous work.

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